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Toledo fireplace store, Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop.
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There's a reason we are the #1 Fireplace and Heating Stove store in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. It's simply because no one knows fireplaces or heating stove products and safety like our certified staff.

We have the best fireplace and supplemental heating stoves in the industry! Plus, you get our low prices AND 44 years of fireplace insert knowledge & installation expertise!
Your families safety is our top priority!
A look inside Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop's Toledo fireplace store, fireplace inserts and linear fireplace.

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When you shop at our local, family owned fireplace store, you have all these advantages and more...

44 Years Fireplace Knowledge

We have 4 plus decades of real world fireplace and heating stove knowledge AND highly skilled installation.

Certified Fireplace and Heating Stove Maintenance and Installation

We are the CERTIFIED experts in everything fireplace, heating stoves and chimneys. Yes, we are certified and trained in installation and maintaining our hearth products. We can also install other fireplaces and heating stoves -- ask us if we can install your particular product.

Premiere Fireplaces and Heating Stoves

All our fireplaces and heating stoves exceed the standards for efficiency and for quality. You have all the top fireplace and heating stove products here under one roof in our store. Not only are the top hearth brands here, but you have our knowledgeable on everything fireplaces, fireplace inserts and wood, gas and pellet burning heating stoves to boot.

Learn more about Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop and our fireplace store.

Take a video tour of our fireplace store here!

Lower Prices!

You'll find low competitive pricing!

Looking for customer service? Here it is!

Customer service that never left, it's still alive and right here. If you've never seen real live customer service, come on in and see it in person! We are a family-owned business, and you are very important to us. We will remind you of how service used to be and never left when visit our store.

Location! Location! Location!

Since we are in northwest Ohio, we are an EASY PEASY DRIVE from anywhere in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. When you come see us, bring photos of your current fireplace or heating stove and measurements, which can help us serve you faster. Don't forget, we completely remodel fireplaces and heating stoves, including the stonework!
Supplemental heat, heating stoves including wood burners, pellet burning stoves inside Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana.

Chimney Services to Fireplace Sales

Our fireplace and heating stove store became a reality after so many of our chimney sweeping and chimney repair service customers asked us our opinions on upgrading their fireplace and wood burning stove products. Our set back was we had no place to take them to show the variety of efficient heating stoves and modern fireplaces. A light bulb popped in our heads and we quickly opened our fireplace and heating stove store.

Now folks everywhere in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana can stop in and see a large array of the premiere fireplaces, heating stoves and fireplace parts and accessories all under one roof.

Here's the best part, everyone loved it!
Small wood burning stove featured in the fireplace store at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop.
Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop fireplace and wood burning stove store near Toledo Ohio.

Fireplace and Heating Stove Repair & Service

Stone fireplace, fireplace updates from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop.
Your fireplace or heating stove will be professionally maintained by our certified staff. We do not subcontract our maintenance work. All our fireplace services are performed by our highly trained certified technicians.

We update old fireplaces too, and design beautiful natural stone, marble, granite, tile and other modern fireplaces for today's homes, even for businesses.

We can improve any fireplace, creating a beautiful new focal point in your home. Check out a few of our fireplace images or come on in to our fireplace store for fireplace ideas today.

Fireplace and Heating Stove Parts

Fireplace insert within the local fireplace store, Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop.
You usually never have to wait for fireplace or heating stove parts here! Just pop in and most likely we will have your part in stock or we can get it in right away.

Our fireplace parts department is huge and we invested a lot of money into making sure we stock the fireplace parts you want when you want them.

Fireplace and Heating Stove Hearth Accessories

Fireplace and heating stove displays inside Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
In our fireplace store, you'll also find a large supply of fireplace accessories; decorative fireplace screens, fireplace doors, fireplace tools, hearth rugs, fireplace blowers and more!

Shop our fireplace & Heating Stove store now!

We can install fireplaces and heating stoves in ANY Ohio, Michigan or Indiana weather.

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