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Cast iron and Soapstone wood burning stoves, available at Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop in Swanton, OH, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

We're Ohio, Michigan and Indiana's best wood burning stove store!

Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop, wood burning fireplace sales & installation experience, serving areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana homes.

You get our low sale prices PLUS 40 years of heating stoves knowledge and wood burner installation expertise!

If there was a game show on heating stoves, we would certainly come in first place! We know our heating stoves! Maybe you too would like to add an efficient wood stove to your home? A visit to our heating stove shop, will be your one stop. We are the wood stove experts in Ohio, Michigan or in Indiana.

At Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop, we'll offer very competitive prices. We carry only quality, premiere wood burning stoves, pellet burning stoves & freestanding stoves. We'll put our 4 decades of experience to work, by recommending the perfect wood burner and installing one of our brands or a brand we might not carry. Just ask us if we can install your model.

Yes! We are the heating stove "triple threat", offering you low prices, quality products and more heating stove experience than any competitor.

Our heating stoves styles include...

  • Wood Burners
  • Freestanding Wood Burning Stoves
  • Cast Iron Stoves for Heating
  • Soapstone Stoves
  • Wood Burning Stoves with cook top
  • Pellet Burning Stoves & Inserts

We area a family-owned business who REALLY treats you just like our family, with respect and a sincere desire to give you the best wood burning stove for your budget. Just consider us the complete heating stoves package; great prices, warm customer service, people who stand behind the product and who have all the knowledge in the world to recommend and install your wood burner.

Have an old wood burner or fireplace? Don't forget, we update wood burning stoves, fireplaces, including creating the stonework!

Below you will find links to our top brands of wood burning stoves. While there are differences in hearth products, we will give you great advice on which wood burner stove will work efficiently in your home. Shop traditional, modern or freestanding wood burners today!

One push button start! Clean burning! Heat a room or an entire home! We are your Toledo area, wood burning stove experts!

Avalon freestanding traditional wood burning stove, available at Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop, serving areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
Freestanding wood burning stove with large glass face, available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop in Swanton OH.

Shop Our Toledo Area Wood Burning Stove Store

See Our Top Wood Burner Products

Here's our great selection of wood burning stove brands. Here you'll be able to see the products, and get an idea of the wood burner features & benefits. Then, come on in and let us give help you with the perfect wood burner for your home.

We are the best local wood burning stove shop, from wherever you are in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. If you live within a 50 mile radius of Toledo Ohio, please come in and see us. It's all backed with our 40 plus years of experience in fireplace insert knowledge and installation. Our prices are VERY COMPETITIVE, plus you get our hearth product & installation expertise as a major bonus!

Below you will also find a "build your own fireplace" link to a fireplace design app, where you can snap a picture and get an idea of what your new wood heating stove will look like in your home! Once there, just select "wood" and "stove" from the drop down menus. Let's get started now!
New Wood Burner Your Home! See what your heating stove will look like!

Lopi wood burning stoves, quality USA made heating stoves available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Wood Burning Stoves - Lopi

Burn less wood & deliver more heat! Load your wood, push a button and you've got fire! Lopi wood burning stoves are all USA made. The stoves will heat up your home and your life! Lopi has beautiful classic wood burners that you've just got to see. Take a look at the product then come shop our wood burner store!

Avalon wood burning stoves for every room in your home, available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Wood Heating Stoves- Avalon

Avalon makes wood stoves that integrate into your life. In your bedroom, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, outside your home, Avalon is "Firestyles for Life". Avalon designs dream fireplaces & wood stoves that you will want to see in every room of your home!

Check out all the Avalon wood stoves & fireplaces on line then come on in and see them in person in our heating stove showroom.

Hearthstone wood burning stoves from Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop, featuring sales and installation for Ohio, Michigan and Indiana areas. +

Wood Heating Stoves & Wood Stove Cook tops - Hearthstone

Hearthstone stoves are known for their amazing heat retention, incredible durability and gorgeous appearance, and are constructed of natural soapstone. Unlike their granite or marble stone counterparts, Hearthstone stoves can withstand constant heat and flame without damage and retain heat for hours upon hours.

Even the firebox of a Hearthstone is composed of soapstone, which lasts longer than brick, cast iron or stainless steel! Hearthstone stoves are also known for being incredibly clean burning and for exceeding EPA industry requirements. But they aren’t just pleasing to the planet – they’re also incredibly beautiful! Large spaces, small spaces, modern or classic tastes, there’s a Hearthstone stove for you! We're confident you’ll enjoy the radiant, comfortable heat and timeless perfection of a Soapstone stove. Shop our wood burning stove store.

Jotul, the world's finest made wood burning soapstone & cast iron stoves, available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Wood Burning Stove - Jotul

Jotul might be a new name for some. This brand is one of the finest-made products in the world. The company has over 150 years of experience building and fine-tuning heating stoves. Jotful is crafted in the deepest cold of Norway. Designed to survive severe cold, these craftsmen also pay extreme attention to detail, using the finest materials. The durability is simply unmatched.

Jotul is known for their cast iron creations and the way they view heat with function. So impressive! Jotul offers many different styles of classic and modern wood burning stoves.

Take a look and then come in and let's put together the perfect Jotful wood burning Stove sale & installation package for you! Shop our wood burning stove store.

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