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If you love the look and feel of wood burning stoves, you must see our complete line of gas heating stoves, that offer all the ambiance of wood, but in one button start gas stoves. Stop in our gas heating stoves showroom and check out all our premiere brands of quality gas stoves, offering our customers an efficient heating stove for any budget.

You can buy gas stoves from many stores, but what we offer you at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop is so much more! We have the quality gas heating stoves, 4 decades of heating stove knowledge of product & installation and extremely competitive prices to give you the best gas stove heating solutions.

Below you will find links to our top brands of gas stoves. While there are differences with every heating stove, we'll guide you through what gas stove brand and model will work best; whether you are heating a room or an entire home.

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Below you'll find a great section of our quality gas heating stoves. You can get an idea of our gas heating stove features & benefits, and then stop in our heating stove showroom. We are the best local gas heating stove stop, from wherever you are in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Please come in and see us if you live within a 50 mile radius of Toledo Ohio. It's all backed with almost 40 years experience in heating stove knowledge and installation. Our prices are VERY COMPETITIVE, plus you get our hearth product knowledge as a major bonus!

Below you will also find a "build your own heating stove" link to a fireplace and heating stove design app, where you can snap a picture and get an idea of what your new gas heating stove will look like in your home! Just select "gas" and "stove" from the drop down menu once there. Let's get started now!
New Heating Stove Your Home! See what your gas heating stove will look like!

Gas fireplaces by Lopi, made in the USA, sales and installation available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Gas Stoves - Lopi

Lopi offers many efficient models of gas heating stoves, from a small gas burner to a large cast iron stove that could be considered a free standing fireplace. All are a true revolution in stove design. Many models include a three-sided wrap around glass design, that allows you to enjoy the stunning fire display from any angle in the room. Read about these gas stove marvels, then come shop our gas stove showroom now.

Jotul gas stoves sales and installation available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Gas Stoves - Jotul

Jotul gas stoves are one of the finest heating stoves in the world, featuring high efficiency and timeless design, including hand crafted log set and enhanced fire views. Read about Jotul gas stoves then stop by our gas heating stove store and let us put together the perfect package of price and installation. Shop our gas heating stove store now.

Avalon gas fireplaces, sales and installation. Gas fireplace showroom available at Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. +

Gas Stoves - Avalon

Avalon's gas stove features sleek, very clean lines along with a unique and timeless presentation of fire. The number one feature of Avalon gas stoves is the 745 square inches of high quality, ceramic wrap-around fire-viewing glass. The open, three-sided design of this gas stove allows you to view the highly detailed log set and dancing flames from any angle in the room, heating up to 2,000 square feet. The stove comes with a GreenSmart™ remote, that allows you to control every function of this stove from the comfort of your favorite chair! Come light the fire in our showroom! Shop our gas stove store now!

Hearthstone gas fireplaces available at Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop, featuring sales and installation for Ohio, Michigan and Indiana areas. +

Gas Stoves - Hearthstone

Beautiful designs, careful craftsmanship, and reliable technology. The quality of Hearthstone gas stoves are displayed in the intricate details of the cast iron and the warm, flickering glow of the fire. All of Hearthstones' gas stoves are available with a smart remote control. Turn the stove on and off, adjust the heat output, or program the stove to fit your lifestyle. The on-demand pilot system saves you money by turning off the pilot after an extended period of inactivity. Yay! Check out features & benefits then come shop our heating stoves showroom.

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