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  • Built-in electric fireplaces from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, Toledo OH area.
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  • Modern electric fireplace for the home, from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana.
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  • Built in electric fireplaces from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana.
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Electric Fireplaces

Gorgeous built-in, wall mounted electric fireplace inserts

Looking for the best electric fireplace near you? Shop our electric fireplace store!

We design, renovate and install modern, electric fireplaces for your home, featuring the largest glass view for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, deck or patio.

Electric fireplace on white and gray stone wall with wood beam mantel

We're Ohio, Michigan and Indiana's Best Electric Fireplace Insert store!

We offer electric fireplaces that make a big statement and offer supplemental heat for your home, including popular 60 inch electric fireplaces!

  • Contemporary electric fireplaces
  • Fireplace flames work with or without heat
  • Supplemental Heat up to 500 sq. ft.
  • 3 Sided Electric Fireplaces
  • Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • Built-In Electric Fireplaces
  • Rustic Electric Fireplaces
  • Many electric fireplace sizes, including 40 inch, 50 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch & up to 88 inches, in 6" or 12" deep.
  • Ideal for new construction or fireplace renovations
  • Latest LED Light Technology. Change colors!
  • Quiet Motors
  • One Remote Control

Wall mounted fireplaces from Luce's Chimney, Toledo Ohio

Change fire colors to match your mood.

Our electric fireplace models feature 3 LED light strips in yellow, orange and blue, which make for an even more beautiful ambiance in your home. These colors combine to make 13 fireplace surround back-lighting. Choose yellow and orange for more traditional fireplace views to a more modern blues, purples and even rose colored flames to compliment really any home decor.

Electric fireplace inserts, fireplace renovation from Luce's Chimney, Toledo Ohio

Best electric fireplaces for Toledo area homes.

We feature high quality, low priced, beautifully designed Amantii electric fireplaces. These fireplaces are a perfect solution to have a fireplace in your home in any area, without the cost of running expensive gas lines. These electric fireplaces are also a wonderful energy efficient supplemental heat source and can be wall mounted or built-in with a variety of fireplace design options.

Outdoor electric fireplaces, fireplace design and installation from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop.

3D Three Sided Electric Fireplaces

3D Electric fireplace on stone wall.
These amazing fireplaces can be viewed in your home from almost any angle. Available in 50", 60" and 70", there's a fireplace with three sides to fit almost any space, inside or outside your home. Fireplaces feature different flame sets, fireplace logs, pebbles, black glass and ICE media.
Latest electric fireplace trends. Electric fireplace design, sales, repair and installation by Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop in Toledo Ohio.

Why Luce's Chimney? We're Toledo's best fireplace store with 41 years of electric fireplace knowledge & installation expertise! Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop logo, electric fireplace sales, service & installation, serving areas of Ohio, Michigan & Indiana. We can design and install an electric fireplace that will be an excellent source of supplemental heat and beauty in your home.

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Where to buy electric fireplaces in Toledo Ohio. Modern electric fireplaces from Luce's Chimney and Stove Shop near Toledo.